Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Chair: PC (Prof. J.P. Gan)

Members: Co-Pls (Task leaders: Profs P. Lam, M.H. Dai, H.B. Liu)

Stakeholder representatives: Drs Chu (AFCD), Leung (EPD), Chan (HKO)

International Advisory Committee (IAC)
Sources / sinks of nutrients and chemical controls
Task 1
Ecosystem dynamics and biological controls
Task 2
Pollutant and ecosystem impact
Task 3
Physical controls, synthesis and future trends
Task 4
Project Office (PO)

Overseen by PC (Prof. J.P. Gan)

Manager: Dr. Z.M. Lu, Administrative assistant: Joyce Ip

Field-work Management Committee (FMC)

Chair: Manager (Dr. Z.Q. Liu)

Members: Representatives of four tasks

Data Management Committee (DMC)

Chair: Manager (Dr. Z.M. Lu)

Members: Representatives of four tasks