Piloting cruise in Hong Kong water has been concluded with satisfactory result



The cruise in Hong Kong water has lasted for 8 days, from 12th August to 19th August, and contains 59 stations in Hong Kong waters. It is a one-way and daytime cruise from the west to the east of Hong Kong water. The aim of this cruise is to understand the impact of circulation and biogeochemistry processes in the Pearl River Estuary and shelf seas to ocean water environment in Hong Kong.

Parameters including but not limited to biological variables, biogeochemical variables, micro-pollutants volume, hydrographical variables and physical variables have been measured. Integrated data has been collected and it will be useful to project team to diagnose eutrophication and hypoxia condition in Hong Kong water.

Thanks to all the collaboration among groups  and hard works from all team members, the first year high-resolution repeated mapping in the Pearl River Estuary, the shelf seas in the northern South China Sea and Hong Kong water have been completed in satisfactory result.