TRS On-site Review of Funded Project by RGC panel


An one-day on-site review visit conducted by the RGC Monitoring and Assessment (M&A) Panel Members has been held on 23 October 2018 in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

Project team scheduled a series of presentations and discussion sessions to reported the most updated finding and achievement to the panel, the programme involved participants from senior researchers to junior research students who have take part in this project, so as to cover all voice from all levels. 

The day started with presentations by Project Coordinator, Prof. Jianping Gan, and Co-Principal Investigators, Prof. Minhan Dai, Prof. Hongbin Liu) and Prof. Paul Lam. Then follow with prsentation by younger researchers, Dr. Naomi Geeraert and Dr. Zhongming Lu. The panel also had time to intereact with research staff and students during the poster session and discussion session. The day was end with a in depth disucssion session between Project Coordinator, Co-Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators.


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